About Mom’s Dhosa Parlour

About Mom’s is a growing successful restaurant franchiser whose mission is to offer a healthy and affordable food. Our franchisees recognize that our Dhosa Parlour concept is unique and answers a growing demand for fresh and healthier food.

Dosa is one of the world’s great culinary delicacies. Similar to a crepe, it is made from rice & lentils (no wheat) and served with a variety of fillings that will offer you the most authentic and tantalizing flavors of South India.

We Are UNIQUE. Besides the strong Brand image, Trained Chefs, Patented recipes and Fancy Dhosa Menu are the Unique Selling Preposition of Mom’s Dhosa Parlour. You haven’t really had truly authentic Indian food till you’ve dined at Mom’s Dhosa Parlour. Don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself.

We have franchisees in rajkot. and we will shortly open other franchisees in other cities.